exterior car care

Exterior Protection

Nano Guard Paint Protection uses the Inorganic Coating System to preserve and protect the variations of modern vehicle paintwork, including hard and soft clear coats maintaining its deep gloss providing an even greater protection against environmental factors which can cause irreversible damage.

Nano Guard provides a deep high gloss shine, and greater protection against environmental factors which can cause damage ó such as bug splatter, animal droppings, tree sap, acid rain, salt spray, grime, grease and road tar, watermarks, colour fading and oxidisation.

Your paint protection will eliminate any chance of fading and premature ageing.

interior car care

Interior Protection

The inside of your new Mazda is subject to repeated traffic and abuse. Like it or not, food, shopping spills, pets, perspirations, odours, dirt, grease and grime are a fact of life and unfortunately contribute to the deterioration of a vehicles interior.

We use a unique blend of ingredients that adheres to each individual fabric and carpet fibre creating a powerful defence against unsightly stains. It’s a once only application designed to strengthen and maintain that “Mazda factory fresh new car look and feel.”

Vinyl and leather areas are nourished, sealed and protected for everyday use and the unforeseen accident, and will extend the life of the vinyl and leather.

Fabric + Carpet Repels oil and water stains, food and beverage. Stops odours, fabric fading, and UV rays. Non toxic.

Vinyl + Leather Stops splitting, cracking, fading, and blocks out UV rays. Non toxic.