Simply link your smartphone

MZD Connect gives you access to your music, contacts and social networks all from a single screen – receive texts, make calls* and check Twitter.

* Text messaging and calls depend on your phone. Check compatibility.


Get access to a whole world of entertainment

Pandora®, Aha™ and Stitcher™ are all built into MZD Connect’s interface. Simply connect your phone using Bluetooth® and start listening.


MZD Connect does more than just accurately get you to your destination

It keeps you informed with updates to the latest maps – free for three years*.

* Two free updates per year for three years.


All your radio stations, favourite contacts and regular destinations

MZD Connect remembers the things you like, and makes sure that they are always easy to reach.


Car settings at your fingertips

You can tweak numerous aspects of your car like navigation, sound, display and vehicle settings – all from MZD Connects’s intuitive interface.