Mazda Design

‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ beyond the automobile

Mazda is dedicated to building cars that can communicate with the driver on an emotional level, as if the vehicles were alive. With ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ we pursue the beauty of motion that animals show in the wild – breathing life into the car. This passion for the ultimate expression of dynamism is what elevates Mazda cars into the realm of art.

In exploring this expression, we traced the roots of its originality and found at its source, a distinctly Japanese aesthetic. From the earliest times, Japanese craftsmanship has prized simplicity of form. This simplicity carries within it both a self-restrained dignity and a sensuality, which speaks directly to the senses. Mazda defines these two elements in Japanese as RIN (self-restrained dignity) and EN (alluring sensuality) and considers both to be determining characteristics of Japanese elegance.

Mazda Design now looks beyond the automobile to create designs according to the KODO design philosophy exploring product and craftsmanship to stimulate and enrich daily life.

Sofa by KODO

While evoking the strong, planted stance common to all Mazda cars, this sofa’s unique form conveys a keen sense of tension through the elimination of all superfluous design elements. Yet at the same time, there is no sacrifice in the comfort essential for a successful sofa.

KODO design was the inspiration for the many talented people who collaborated in the creation of this piece, including the Milan-based creative directors Setsu and Shinobu Ito, designers at Mazda Europe, and highly skilled Italian furniture makers.

A demonstration of the perfect balance between the sensitivity of Mazda Design and traditional European craftsmanship, this piece offers a refined and welcoming warmth. Striking polished aluminium frames at the front and rear present visual tension, while a vivid red used only on the back provides allure in the characteristic Japanese manner of concealed beauty.

Table by KODO

Sofa by KODO is accompanied with a matching table that features a wooden base shaped like wings and an evocative glass top.

The metallic trim on the wooden frame echoes the signature wings of the family face of Mazda cars, and adds a bold contrast to the sofa’s form.

Together, the designs express the vitality and adaptability of our KODO Design philosophy.

Bike by KODO

The inherent beauty of the bicycle is refined and restated in a track racer. Shorn of all superfluous elements, its honed simplicity expresses the same pure dynamism as the MX-5 with a sense of forward-motion evocative of the racer’s final sprint to the finish line.

The frame is beaten from a steel panel by highly-skilled Mazda craftsmen, and the hand-sewn leather saddle features the same exquisite stitching as the MX-5’s upholstery. The colour scheme is black and an exuberant red typical of KODO, also used as an accent on the reverse of the saddle and handlebars in the elegantly Japanese style of concealed beauty.